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    New MLB and MiLB SLU Giveaways
        February 11, 2017
        by Unknown
        Various MLB and MiLB teams have started announcing upcoming SLU giveaways for the 2017 season. These include:

      4/22/2017 – Tampa Bay Rays– Chris Archer (First 15,000 Fans)

      6/3/2017 – Baltimore Orioles – Manny Machado (All Fans)

      6/18/2017 – Oakland Athletics – Marcus Semien (First 15,000 Fans)

      7/7/2017 – Brooklyn Cyclones – Edgardo Alfonzo (First 5,000 Fans)

      8/19/2017 – Texas Rangers – Adrian Beltre (First 15,000 Fans)

      The Mets are also giving out a David Wright figure in August, as previously covered on our site.